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A Heritage of Distinction — A Contemporary Focus

Accurate risk assessment is critical to stakeholders in the insurance industry. That's why MIB applies its fraud protection, mortality and technical expertise to help its members — virtually every life insurer and reinsurer in North America — recognize risk and take action.

For more than a century, MIB's Underwriting Services have led the insurance industry as the standard for identifying anti-selection and detecting applicant fraud. And, our Actuarial and Statistical Services are the forefront of the industry, performing industry-wide experience studies for partners like the Society of Actuaries — studies that underpin the industry's mortality tables and support risk selection, underwriting practices and pricing.

We offer expertise, products, research and statistical reporting that provide our members, clients and insurance regulators with deeper insights, so they can better manage the risks they face. As such, MIB is the life and health insurance industry's most trusted resource for risk information and actuarial services — MIB - Risk Revealed .
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Together with its members, MIB strengthens the industry, ensuring that companies can offer — and consumers can purchase — affordable life and health insurance protection.