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Life Statistical Services

MIB Solutions' Actuarial and Statistical Group has over 30 years' experience delivering intercompany experience studies for the benefit of the life insurance industry, applying industry-recognized expertise to life insurance, annuities and long-term care insurance.

MIB Solutions' expertise in actuarial analysis, data security, systems design and operations means that regulators and life insurers get superior treatment and analysis of experience data, with the assurance of the highest standard of data security and confidentiality, in an environment that the industry has trusted since 1904.

The industry experience studies conducted by the Actuarial and Statistical Group include:

  • Individual life studies
  • Individual payout annuity studies
  • Individual structured settlement studies
  • Deferred annuity studies
  • Long-term care studies
  • Pension mortality studies

Read more about our capabilities and expertise in Risk Analytics.













Life Statistical Services is provided by MIB Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the MIB Group, Inc.


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