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Life Statistical Services
The Life Statistical Services senior management team has decades of industry experience with extensive relationships spanning insurance regulators, virtually every North American life insurance and reinsurance company as well as leading actuarial and underwriting organizations. MIB Solutions has long provided the industry with mortality, morbidity and longevity experience studies that facilitate insurers' risk management decisions.

Lee B. Oliphant
President and
Chief Executive Officer
MIB Group, Inc.

Stacy J. Gill
Executive Vice President
MIB Group, Inc.
and MIB Solutions, Inc.

Thomas E. Rhodes, FSA, MAAA
Vice President and
Actuarial Director
MIB Group, Inc.
and MIB Solutions, Inc.

Jonathan W. Sager
Executive Vice President,
General Counsel
MIB Group, Inc.











Life Statistical Services is provided by MIB Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the MIB Group, Inc.


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