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MIB Partners with Member Compliance Professionals

MIB strives to partner with compliance professionals at its member companies to ensure their awareness of, and compliance with, laws and regulations that will impact our respective, but complementary operations involving the century old MIB information exchange. As regulations and laws continually evolve, MIB's law department meticulously monitors the industry's regulatory environment to ensure MIB practices, and those of its member companies, remain current and compliant.

MIB and its members have successfully operated an information exchange by supporting longstanding MIB Rules that require the protection and safeguarding of confidential consumer medical information. While Medical Directors and Chief Underwriters traditionally have taken responsibility for member company compliance with MIB Rules, we have reached out to compliance professionals at member companies to make this an increasingly effective team. Among the multitude of privacy regulations, this partnership addresses efforts to comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, state and federal privacy and insurance laws, and regulations under each.

For the latest news of changes that impact MIB members, view Latest Compliance News.


MIB regularly provides guidance on various topics of interest to compliance professionals at member companies. These documents are available from a protected library, view Compliance Guidance. To obtain access, please contact: Nancy Donofrio, MIB Group, Inc., 781-751-6303, ndonofrio@mib.com.


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Together with its members, MIB strengthens the industry, ensuring that companies can offer — and consumers can purchase — affordable life and health insurance protection.