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Manage Mortality Risk with Precision.

MIB's Actuarial and Statistical Group (ASG) is at the forefront of life insurance industry research on contemporary trends and medical advances in mortality, morbidity and longevity risk. Our innovative analytical methods meet the most demanding requirements for many of the industry's leading organizations. MIB's actuarial and mortality expertise together with its industry relationships help solve some of insurance industry's most pressing risk management issues.

For more than three decades, the Society of Actuaries has relied on MIB's Actuarial and Statistical Group to provide an industry-wide perspective on life experience studies that serve as the foundation for the industry's mortality tables. With its extensive expertise, ASG has compiled data and performed studies on products that span the industry including annuities, structured settlements, long-term care experience and valuation, group long-term disability claims, pension and reinsurance. Our biennial Reinsurance Study of Highly Insured People (ReSHIP) provides reinsurers and direct writers with insights on jumbo limit risk prior to claim enabling insurers to better mitigate this risk. In addition, MIB also conducts industry research on emerging medical advances that impact life insurance underwriting.


With in-depth relationships extending to virtually every life direct writer and reinsurer, professional industry and trade organizations, ASG is uniquely positioned as the objective thought leader in mortality, morbidity and longevity analyses. 

To learn more about how MIB’s Actuarial and Statistical Group can help you better manage risk, email info@mibsolutions.com or call 781-751-6330.



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