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Audit Focus
Unmatched precision in assessing mortality risk.

Audit Focus is the industry's only diagnostic risk management tool that can review 100 percent of your new policies against the MIB database and select lab test results, so you can quickly determine if their mortality risk profile is consistent with the risk class in which they were issued. Audit Focus eliminates the need to try to extrapolate an accurate risk profile from auditing a random sample, and it lets you trend and monitor results over time using a consistent, unbiased metric from a trusted industry source—MIB.

Audit Focus gives you a clear picture of excess mortality risk in your new business, and lets you see "high-risk" cases and critical risk concentrations by risk class, age group, face amount, product type, underwriter or other custom diagnostic parameters. Integrated laboratory test data lets you identify excess mortality risk with even greater accuracy—particularly in preferred risk classes where the slightest deviation can have a considerable impact.

An understanding of risk not available anywhere else.

  • Flags "high-risk" cases incorporating both MIB data and lab tests.
  • Identifies "severity bands" for commonly used lab tests—are the policyholder's results slightly or severely beyond your underwriting limits.
  • Highlights challenging co-morbidities where multiple results are at thresholds, but taken together may be cause for concern.
  • Identifies risk concentrations that otherwise go unnoticed, impairment prevalence, dollars at risk analysis and other key indicators.
  • Customizable decision filters let you automatically flag cases with results that by definition, should be excluded from a given risk class.

To learn more about how Audit Focus gives you a clear picture of excess mortality risk, email info@mib.com or call 781-751-6130.



Audit Focus is provided by MIB Solutions, Inc. exclusively to members of the MIB Group, Inc. for assessing and managing their life underwriting risk and not to determine the eligibility of individuals for insurance or benefits. Audit Focus reports are only generated on recently issued policies for which applicants authorized the use of MIB, Inc.'s Checking Service.
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