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Revealing hidden risks.
Empowering better decisions.

Shedding light on inaccuracies

Our flagship MIB Checking Service alerts underwriters to undisclosed risk factors that impact an applicant's health and longevity, revealing a truer risk profile for more accurate decisions. Every search of the Checking Service simultaneously checks the OFAC and OSFI lists of "Specially Designated Nationals" and returns a code if the individual is found. It is estimated that the MIB Checking Service saves the insurance industry an actuarially estimated $1 billion annually by identifying anti-selection and uncovering fraud.

Offering a second chance to spot anti-selection

MIB's Follow-Up Service (Plan-F) alerts members to any new applicant information submitted by another member for two years following the original MIB Checking Service inquiry. This offers a valuable second chance to review during the contestable period.

Identifying excessive application activity

MIB's Insurance Activity Index (IAI) gives members an industry-wide view of an individual's application activity for the past two years. With this intelligence, members can identify critical risks, including: stacking of low-face, non-underwritten policies to accumulate unwarranted coverage, and instances of Stranger Owned Life Insurance (STOLI).

All MIB Underwriting Services illustrate the power of the industry, MIB members working together to reveal relevant underwriting risk that could simply not be seen by any one insurer on its own.

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