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Revealing hidden risks.
Empowering better decisions.
When your company joins MIB, your underwriters will be able to quickly see what other underwriters already know about your applicant. MIB's Underwriting Services let you uncover critical medical information and excessive application activity that impacts risk assessment and reveals fraud so you can avoid these hidden risks.

  • Every line of business — life, disability income, long-term care and critical illness coverage.
  • Every distribution model — from career agents and independent producers to direct mail and Internet purchase, for both individual and voluntary group coverage.

MIB empowers underwriters with the knowledge they need, where and when they need it. Shared intelligence exclusively for MIB members that lets you—Issue with Confidence.

MIB Underwriting Services are operated by MIB, Inc.
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"We wouldn't be in business without MIB; and without their services would have to charge exorbitant rates far above what we currently charge."

Lynn Patterson
Chief Underwriter

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