MIB Joins the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative Partner Program

MIB Platform Will Accelerate Consumers' Purchases of Life Insurance

RELEASE  |  March 05, 2019

Braintree, MA (March 5, 2019) — MIB Group, Inc., one of the life insurance industry’s most trusted and secure resources for the exchange of underwriting medical information, today announced it has joined the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) as a Strategic Business and Technology (SB&T) Partner. SHIEC is the national trade association representing health information exchanges (HIEs).

Owned by the industry it serves, MIB is a secure information hub providing its 400 North American life insurance members with data driven, risk management services. MIB EHR (electronic health records) streamlines the secure, applicant-authorized delivery of medical records for life insurance underwriting from its legacy phone/fax process, enabling a more efficient workflow for risk selection by carriers, while providing consumers with a faster way to obtain life insurance. MIB has extensive competencies in data security, distributive information technologies and consumer authorization processes for protected health data.

"MIB's vision is to enable consumers to more easily repurpose their own electronic health records for the purchase of vital ancillary services such as life insurance. Our vision aligns well with HIEs because they continually deliver more efficiencies to the consumer in healthcare," said Lee B. Oliphant, MIB President and Chief Executive Officer.

"SHIEC is excited to have MIB join the SB&T Partner program," said Kelly Hoover Thompson, CEO of SHIEC. "SB&T Partners are selected based on their ability to bring unique, value-added solutions to our HIE community members. MIB EHR unlocks a hidden benefit to electronic health records by transforming antiquated methodologies into efficient digital workflows. SHIEC looks forward to working with MIB in supporting their efforts."

About MIB
MIB is owned by approximately 400 North American life insurance companies. MIB has been the trusted steward of the life insurance industry's data for more than a century operating a secure data hub, exchanging confidential health information between its member companies and providing services for improved underwriting and better pricing of insurance for consumers. MIB Group, Inc., a membership corporation, provides services through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, MIB, Inc. and MIB Solutions, Inc. For more information, visit www.mibgroup.com and follow us on Twitter at @MIB_Group.

SHIEC is the national trade association of health information exchanges (HIEs) and strategic business and technology partners. As the unbiased data trustees in their communities, the 70+ member HIE organizations manage and provide for the secure digital exchange of data by medical, behavioral, and social service providers to improve the health of the communities they serve. Collectively, SHIEC members provide services to more than 75% of the U.S. population. For more information about SHIEC, email info@strategichie.com and follow us on Twitter at @SHIEClive.