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Only members of MIB Group, Inc. are provided with MIB's Underwriting Services1 to assist them in the consideration, assessment and assignment of risk for individually underwritten insurance products. To be eligible for membership in MIB Group, the business entity must be organized as an insurance company conducting life or health business.

Any insurance company in the United States or Canada conducting the business of life insurance on a legal reserve plan is eligible for membership in MIB Group, Inc. Life insurance companies are typically authorized by state law to issue life insurance, annuities, and accident and health insurance, and to engage in the business of reinsurance. These are "traditional" MIB members.

If an insurance company underwrites life, health, long-term care or disability income insurance, but is not licensed as a life insurance company doing business on a legal reserve plan, then it may be eligible for Select Membership, a non-voting class of membership. Select Members typically include both commercial and nonprofit health insurers that issue medical expense indemnity insurance and managed care insurance products, health plans, and health maintenance organizations. If an insurance company is eligible for membership (traditional or Select Member), but is no longer issuing new business, but still requires MIB's Underwriting Services, then it may apply to become a Dormant Member.

Applicant companies must be duly licensed and in good standing with insurance regulators in the jurisdiction of their domicile. They must also be willing to maintain the confidential character of the information exchanged with MIB and to respect the privacy of individuals to whom such information pertains. Among other terms, MIB members pledge themselves to maintain and adhere to strict security and privacy protocols. Applications for Membership will be subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

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