Trusted partner for actuarial insights and compliance reporting
Actuarial Services

Trusted partner for actuarial insights and compliance reporting

Providing data analytics, testing and actuarial services supporting industry studies, regulation and compliance requirements.

Superior analysis of experience data

For more than 30 years, our talented team of actuaries, analysts, data coordinators, and programmers have worked closely with carriers and industry partners to provide detailed analysis of information on  pressing issues facing the insurance industry. Incorporating industry experience data and company information, we provide actuarial services and addressable insights so risk managers can successfully address key challenges affecting the industry and your business.

Efficient and accurate experience reporting

As a statistical agent, we support carriers through a streamlined standardized methodology used when responding to data requests by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Grounded by deep industry expertise developed over decades, we deliver the processes and technologies to streamline this mandatory reporting. 

Compliance with unclaimed property regulation

Identifying deceased policyholders can be a complex and tedious task. Our MIB Cross Check℠ service supports compliance with unclaimed life insurance benefit regulations by providing accurate identification of deceased policyholders, streamlining your efforts to meet regulatory requirements.

Secure and confidential

Our expertise in actuarial analysis, data security, and systems design and operations means that regulators and life insurers receive secure, confidential treatment and analysis of experience data. 

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