The name you know and trust, meeting the industry's evolving needs.

We are proud to be the life insurance industry’s most trusted partner for data, insights and digital solutions.

The name you know and trust, meeting the industry's evolving needs.

We live our mission every day: To be the partner of choice to the life insurance industry providing data solutions that enable our clients to manage risk, gain efficiency and grow profitably. Since all of our employees are also shareholders in our company, we are deeply vested in the success of our clients and industry.

We know that how we conduct ourselves is as important as the work we perform on behalf of our clients. Our core values drive how we conduct ourselves as individuals, teams, departments and as an organization overall.

Our values:

Think Like a Client

  • Anticipate needs—listen, respond and communicate proactively
  • Exceed expectations—go above and beyond
  • Deliver added value—in everything you do

Act Like an Owner

  • Think strategically—focus on long-term benefits
  • Be fiscally responsible—spend money and resources like they are your own
  • Own results—be passionate, innovative, agile, and resilient

Make a Difference

  • In your work—be accountable for your attitude, effort, and results
  • With your teammates—be kind, collaborative, and encouraging
  • In your communities—embrace our mission to protect families

Embracing Our History While Focusing on the Future

MIB was founded in 1902 by a group of life insurance companies with a desire to create an industry wide database of life insurance and other products. The goal was to share information as a way to protect applicants, insurers, and policyholders from omissions and fraud that prevented the sound and equitable underwriting of life insurance and other products.

Today we embrace that legacy and continue to facilitate fraud detection and underwriting risk assessment. At the same time, we are evolving our company and introducing new services to address the digital revolution that is transforming our industry, including the way products are underwritten and how insurance companies engage with their clients and advisors.

Owned by our members who represent the leading insurance companies in the U.S. and Canada, we are fully aligned with and committed to the success of the life insurance industry. We have earned our reputation as the industry’s most trusted and secure partner for data, insights and digital solutions that support underwriting and actuarial decision making. With our deep industry connections and sole focus on improving the insurance industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide data-driven solutions that address common industry challenges.

We are focused on making a difference both in the industry we serve and in our communities where our associates live and work.

Our organized community service activities are led by a group of associates who are a part of our community service club. Activities are held consistently throughout the year, span the many communities where our associates live and work, and include volunteering for food kitchens, conducting clothing drives and organizing teams for walk-a-thons. Regardless of work location, the team remains active in need-based donations for a local homeless shelter, holiday gift drives and collecting used cell phones for soldiers.

Members of MIB Group, Inc. have exclusive access to our Code Solutions portfolio. These solutions deliver unique application data and insights to facilitate underwriting risk and fraud detection.

More information about MIB Code Solutions.


Traditional Member

Any insurance companies in the United States or Canada conducting the business of life insurance on a legal reserve plan are eligible for membership. Life insurance companies are authorized by state law to issue life insurance, annuities, and long term care insurance or to engage in the business of reinsurance.

Select Member

Any insurance companies that underwrite life, health, long-term care or disability income insurance, but are not licensed as a life insurance company doing business on a legal reserve plan. Select members typically include both commercial and/or nonprofit health insurers that issue medical expense indemnity insurance and managed care insurance products, health plans, and health maintenance organizations.

Dormant Member

Any insurance company eligible for membership (traditional or select), no longer issuing new business, and yet still requiring underwriting services.

Applicant companies must be duly licensed and in good standing with insurance regulators in the jurisdiction of their domicile. They must also be willing to maintain the confidential character of the information exchanged with MIB and to respect the privacy of individuals to whom such information pertains. Among other terms, MIB members pledge themselves to maintain and adhere to strict security and privacy protocols. Applications for membership will be subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

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