A unique data set providing vital insights.

A unique data set providing vital insights.

Delivering unique insights leveraging real-time in force and pending application activity identifying potential risks and in force optimization opportunities.

Insights into in force and pending coverage levels to help you avoid fraud and adverse selection

A full picture of coverage levels, including both in force policies and pending applications, to help underwriters assess risk.

Transparency is critical

Understanding an applicant’s intended total line of coverage (in force and applied) is critical to a swift financial underwriting process. Having the ability to validate the information provided on an application using industry data helps underwriters proactively identify necessary requirements, capacity limits and reinsurance treaty obligations during the initial file review. This level of transparency into both applicant and agent behavior will help to avoid potential issues that misrepresentations or stacking can cause during the underwriting process or post issue.

Unmatched data set, from partners you know and trust

MIB, in partnership with TAI, has developed the only data solution in the industry that delivers insight into both in force and pending application activity. This unique combination enables carriers to identify potential risks tied to total line coverage and lower their financial risk.

The data set includes:

  • Pending applications from the MIB Insurance Activity Index (IAI) – The only database of its kind in the industry, providing an industry-wide view of an individual's application activity for the past two years.
  • In force data from TAI - Representing 74% of all in force policies in the US. TAI also offers the industry's only comprehensive in force policy management software.

Note: If you are not a TAI software customer, MIB and TAI have an alternative process to receive carrier data directly.

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