Together we are reshaping the insurance industry.

Together we are reshaping the insurance industry.

MIB is your long-standing trusted partner in delivering unique data solutions to help advance the life insurance industry.

Together we are reshaping the insurance industry.
Code Solutions

Member exclusive data and insights for risk assessment and fraud detection.

Medical Data Solutions

Data, tools and services that streamline the underwriting process.

In Force Data Solutions

Real-time in force and pending application activity for risk assessment.

Digital Solutions

Digital tools that connect the industry, improving insurance processes.

Actuarial Services

Data, analytics and actuarial services supporting the industry.

And More!

The name you know and trust, working every day to develop innovative tools and enhanced data solutions.

The Latest

Insights, news and announcements reflecting our commitment to improving the life insurance industry.

MIB Blog
A Customer Success Story - Reducing Cycle Time by Automating Requirements Gathering

Recently Jeffrey McCauley, President of Paperless Solutions Group, an MIB Business sat down with our client SelectQuote Insurance Services to talk about their success in reducing cycle time by automating requirements gathering with PSG eRequirement. Read our latest blog to learn more.

2023 MIB Life Index Long Term Trends at the Half

Watch our latest video for insights into long term trends observed in MIB Life Index data through mid-year (June) 2023.

MIB Blog
MIB Total Line Case Study #6: Possible Stacking Behavior

Using real data from one of our members, our Total Line Case Studies shed light on potential exposure to behavioral risks. In our latest Case Study, the Total Line Alert reveals a questionable pattern of applying to multiple carriers for smaller Term Life policies. Read the full case study to learn more.

MIB Total Line Service Video

The MIB Total Line Service arms underwriters with the information they need to validate application data and to identify potentially adverse behavior patterns. Watch our video to understand how the MIB Total Line Service provides unique data critical to financial underwriting and fraud protection.

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