MIB Signs Veradigm™ as a Source of Electronic Health Record Information for the MIB EHR Data Platform

MIB Grows its EHR Vendor Relationships

RELEASE  |  February 11, 2019

HIMSS 2019 Orlando, FL (February 11, 2019) — MIB, the life insurance industry's most trusted and secure resource for the exchange of underwriting medical information, today announced an agreement with Veradigm, a division of Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX), an integrated data systems and services company that combines data-driven clinical insights with actionable tools to help improve the quality, efficiency, and value of healthcare delivery.

Under this agreement, MIB EHR will access electronic health record (EHR) data via Veradigm's eChart Courier™ service for use in life insurance underwriting by MIB's 400 U.S. life insurance members. Veradigm eChart Courier automates the medical chart retrieval process and delivers medical records via electronic transfer in a secure and encrypted format. MIB EHR will use Veradigm eChart Courier to provide life insurers with electronic health records, when authorized by the individual applying for the insurance policy.

With solutions such as Veradigm eChart Courier, MIB EHR can securely streamline the delivery of medical records for life insurance underwriting, enabling a more efficient workflow for risk selection by carriers while also providing consumers with faster time-to-issue for valuable life insurance coverage. It replaces the current multi-week phone/fax workflow for retrieving medical records and delivers key operational efficiencies that benefit life insurers, healthcare providers and consumers alike.

MIB is ideally suited to deliver this innovative service to its member life insurers given its significant expertise in secure technologies and deep knowledge of applicant-authorized data processes. Owned by the insurance carriers it serves, MIB has the resources and the long-term commitment necessary to make electronic health data retrieval a reality for its members.

"Both MIB and Veradigm share a similar commitment to improving efficiency and streamlining processes using high-speed, electronic clinical data. MIB EHR solves a vexing problem for our life insurance members—how to more efficiently provide life insurance products to customers in today’s rapidly evolving online environment," said Lee B. Oliphant, MIB President and Chief Executive Officer. "This agreement with Veradigm significantly adds to our network of EHR vendors and sources as we continue to build a secure data hub for patient-authorized electronic health data for our members' use."

"This agreement reflects one of the many ways Veradigm solutions are effecting positive change," added Tom Langan, Veradigm Chief Executive Officer. "By working with companies like MIB, we help solve for inefficiencies and reduce bottlenecks for our clients and their customers. We reduce the administrative burden placed on healthcare providers through automating manual processes that add cost and complexity to the healthcare system. We will continue to deliver on our promise to provide next-generation solutions that make a positive difference from the point-of-care to everyday life."

To learn more about the MIB EHR reach out to info@mib.com or visit www.mibgroup.com/ehr.
To learn more about Veradigm eChart Courier, visit www.veradigmhealth.com.

About MIB
MIB is the life and health insurance industry's most trusted and secure resource for data-driven risk management services that protect the financial integrity of its members and address their evolving needs. Owned by its members, MIB is uniquely positioned to securely collect and analyze confidential data. MIB services help to detect fraud, errors and omissions on insurance applications; to analyze industry data needed to manage a variety of financial risks; and to make regulatory reporting compliance less onerous and more efficient. MIB Group, Inc., a membership corporation, provides services through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, MIB, Inc. and MIB Solutions, Inc. MIB EHR is provided by MIB, Inc. For more information, visit (www.mibgroup.com).

About Veradigm™
Veradigm is an integrated data systems and services company that combines data-driven clinical insights with actionable tools to help healthcare stakeholders improve the quality, efficiency, and value of healthcare delivery— including biopharma, health plans, healthcare providers, health technology partners, and most importantly, the patients they serve. We are dedicated to simplifying the complicated healthcare system with next-generation healthcare solutions. This is how we are transforming health, insightfully. To learn more, visit www.veradigmhealth.com.

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