Bridge diverse systems with a unified view.

Bridge diverse systems with a unified view.

Consolidating information to provide a complete picture of a customer’s entire business relationship across disparate systems.

MIB Client View℠

With Client View, MIB members can manage customer data on an enterprise level—breaking down silos and consolidating disparate systems to show one view of the customer. This single source of customer data provides a complete picture of the customer’s entire business relationship with the company, and enables insurers to accurately underwrite by viewing data across multiple lines of business. 

Consolidated data 

Hosted at MIB, Client View uses a limited set of common identifiers and securely and accurately indexes each customer’s unique product relationship with your company, including policy history and the location of the original data. You can deploy this unifying layer above your current system in a fraction of the time it takes to reengineer your systems, at a fraction of the cost.  

Sophisticated solution 

Equip your underwriters with a profile of the full customer relationship as they assess the risk of that individual applying for additional insurance. 

  • Bridges multiple administrative systems efficiently and conveniently.  

  • Leverages superior accuracy with MIB’s advanced name search technology.  

  • Adaptable to carry the policyholder information most important to your business. 

  • Strengthens your disaster recovery/business continuity program with offsite records. 

  • Supports concurrent search capabilities with the MIB Checking Service and IAI. 

  • Provides a reliable interface with 99.9% uptime. 

  • Supported by Help Desk 24/7/365. 

Advanced Name Search Technology

Client View consolidates data through the same high performance name search technology used by the MIB Checking Service.

  • Capable of searching files containing millions of names.  

  • Searches at a rate of hundreds of names per second.  

  • Returns only the most relevant records. 

  • Understands different records across systems, including shortened names and varied spellings.


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