Solutions from MIB
By the industry, for the industry, MIB is a one of a kind partner
We are committed to providing the risk assessment services you rely on while delivering new innovative solutions that meet the life insurance industry's evolving needs.
Digital Solutions (Paperless Solutions Group)
Tools to help improve the speed and efficiency of the application process

MIB is making it easier to sell and underwrite insurance through digital services offered by Paperless Solutions Group (PSG) an MIB business.

In Force Data Solutions
Insights into total coverage exposure

MIB is delivering the only data solution in the industry providing insights into both in force and pending application activity.

Medical Data Solutions
Your one-stop-shop for medical records

The MIB Electronic Medical Data service (former MIB EHR) helps to accelerate the underwriting process by automating medical data retrieval.

Medical Data Solutions
Cost-effective access to data sources for risk management

MIB provides special rates for third party services that help further identify and manage risks.

MIB Solutions
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